December 07, 2022 2 min read

What to keep in mind when creating artwork.

If you’re looking to order some custom printed apparel, the number one thing you need to keep in mind is this: your gear will only look as good as the artwork that is on them.


No matter if it is a corporate logo, a school crest, a team name or an original design, artwork is exactly that, a work of art! If you haven’t yet designed a logo or finalised your artwork, keep reading, this article is for you.


Things to keep in mind when designing logos:


1.  Simple is good
The bolder and more simple your logo, the more it will stand out and the more recognisable it will be. It also means that it will print well across a multitude of media (think business cards, custom clothing, uniforms and work vehicles). If you’re wanting your logo/artwork embroidered, avoid using lots of detail and/or small text, as this can be hard (or impossible) to embroider.


2.  Limit the amount of colour
The majority of corporate logos have only one or two colours. This helps make them instantly recognisable, especially from a distance. Reducing the number of colours in your artwork may also help keep your printing costs at a minimum because screen printing pricing is determinant on the number of colours in your print. Solid colours are best; try to avoid using gradients (shading) as this is also difficult to achieve with embroidery.


3.  Scalability and formatting
Your logo will need to be scalable so it will look good on a variety of formats. The easiest way to scale artwork is to have it in a vector format. Unlike raster images (e.g. jpgs or bmps) which use pixels of colour to make up the image, vector uses mathematical formulas to create lines so you can scale in and out infinitely and there will be no loss of quality. Programs that work in vector include Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. If your artwork does contain raster images (e.g. a photo) make sure you have it in the highest quality available.


Konstruct design service
Konstruct has a team of design gurus who can help make your wildest dreams come true! We have created logos and artwork for dozens of businesses, schools, sports teams and organisations across NZ. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and help you.


Konstruct print service
Clothing is the ultimate blank canvas because a) you can wear it; and b) people see it! We employ a team of highly-skilled and experienced artists to transfer your artwork from the digital realm onto the wearable. We use the latest technology and print methods to ensure that your artwork is printed in unparalleled quality.


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